Welcome through the Veil.

I’ve run this game with a few one-off groups, at conventions and mostly online, on-and-off, over a span of 13+ years. Feeling unlucky? Don’t, I’m not the worlds nastiest GM of Delta Green, Modern Call of Cthulhu and Dreamlands by any stretch, although I should be, but it’s hard to find suicide jockey gamers in the middle of nowhere. Yes, the campaign mixes all three of those sub-genres, since we like diversions and I like to draw it out, I’m more into atmosphere than insanity and wholesale Armageddon. During all those years, there has been one constant (Noreen) and some folks that came and went.

The campaign was originally titled “Shades of Grey” but I’m not keen on that any more, since there seems to be at least 50 shades of it all over the place, I’ve decided it’s time for re-branding…

This is our collaborative story…

Be seeing you.

Agent Farnham

Nemesis - Through the Veil

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